Clogged plumbing

Well, welcome home! The plumbing is clogged :/. Apparently the drain for the kitchen sink is clogged (prior to us moving in) and rather than overflowing in the sink, Shanay found it overflowing in Papi’s house downstairs, coming out of his washing machine drain. Thank goodness she found it when she did. However, it wasn’t so easy to get fixed. After trying to deal with the home warranty company (for two days!!!) to get someone out there, Shanay ended up just hiring a plumber on her own because the home warranty company was no help. The local plumber wasn’t able to make it to the house for two more days so that left Shanay doing dishes and laundry in the bathtub for a few days as the sink and washing machine was out of commission due to the drain. The plumber did make it out and fixed the problem. After being disconnected twice on two 30 minute calls to the home warranty company, we will have to wait for another day when we have more mental energy to deal with them. A lot of speed bumps and challenges came along with the move, but we press on, encouraged by the surrounding Colorado beauty!

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