5.3 & 5.4.20- Headed to Colorado (Shanay, Layla & Hudson)

Today is Sunday and the day has come to make the trip to our new home. Chad is staying in California, the movers come Tuesday and then he will stay a couple days to finish cleaning up the house and completing a few house projects. Papi was supposed to come with us but his car broke down last night and it had to be left at the dealer to be looked at on Monday. Doing the 18 hour, 1,000 mile drive over two days because 18hrs in the car with two kids stuck in car seats can be… challenging… for everyone.

Our last stop at In-n-Out for a while. We won’t have one of these nearby.

Sweet boy sleepy face.

Streaming Sunday School.

Awhhh…Been sleeping the last hour… up late last night and up early this morning.

This cuties been reading :))

We made it to Colorado!

Quick Stop 🙂

Picked up lunch in Grand Junction, CO and back on the road. Four more hours.

HOME! WE MADE IT! And we begin yet another chapter 🙂

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