Shanay declares war on mice

Sunday morning 5/10 Shanay got in her car and it just cranked, but would not start. Had it towed to a local mechanic and the result was that some mice had chewed up some wires when she was parked outside overnight. Cleaned out the garage to make room to park her car inside and then off to the hardware store to pick up some traps. Chad was still in California so Shanay declared war on her own. The traps had been set, and the result… FOUR casualties! Good job ranch wife!

Staunton Park

There is a new national park less than 10 miles from our house, Staunton Park. Shanay, Snow Grandpa and the kids went to check it out. We will have to go back and do some rock climbing as there are hundreds of great looking climbs there.

Hiking, “camping”, dinner and fun with new friends and old friends.

Many years ago Shanay went to College for a short time in Steamboat Springs, CO. Her roommate and good friend Amber is still living in Colorado, just down the mountain from us. What a great welcoming for Shanay to get to spend the day with Amber and for all the kids to get to play together. They neighbors kids joined in too. Four boys, ages 2,3,4 and 5 and the two girls. It was beautiful day out hiking. Once home, the kids set up a tent and cots in the house and sang camp songs. A full day capped off with hamburgers and s’mores.

camp songs

Clogged plumbing

Well, welcome home! The plumbing is clogged :/. Apparently the drain for the kitchen sink is clogged (prior to us moving in) and rather than overflowing in the sink, Shanay found it overflowing in Papi’s house downstairs, coming out of his washing machine drain. Thank goodness she found it when she did. However, it wasn’t so easy to get fixed. After trying to deal with the home warranty company (for two days!!!) to get someone out there, Shanay ended up just hiring a plumber on her own because the home warranty company was no help. The local plumber wasn’t able to make it to the house for two more days so that left Shanay doing dishes and laundry in the bathtub for a few days as the sink and washing machine was out of commission due to the drain. The plumber did make it out and fixed the problem. After being disconnected twice on two 30 minute calls to the home warranty company, we will have to wait for another day when we have more mental energy to deal with them. A lot of speed bumps and challenges came along with the move, but we press on, encouraged by the surrounding Colorado beauty!

New lights, Shanay’s handy work

It is the first house upgrade. Shanay wanted the “over the sink” light and bathroom light fixtures changed out. The 70’s left, but these fixtures stuck around. With Chad still in California, Shanay got these changed out. The house hasn’t burned down yet so that’s good!

5.3 & 5.4.20- Headed to Colorado (Shanay, Layla & Hudson)

Today is Sunday and the day has come to make the trip to our new home. Chad is staying in California, the movers come Tuesday and then he will stay a couple days to finish cleaning up the house and completing a few house projects. Papi was supposed to come with us but his car broke down last night and it had to be left at the dealer to be looked at on Monday. Doing the 18 hour, 1,000 mile drive over two days because 18hrs in the car with two kids stuck in car seats can be… challenging… for everyone.

Our last stop at In-n-Out for a while. We won’t have one of these nearby.

Sweet boy sleepy face.

Streaming Sunday School.

Awhhh…Been sleeping the last hour… up late last night and up early this morning.

This cuties been reading :))

We made it to Colorado!

Quick Stop 🙂

Picked up lunch in Grand Junction, CO and back on the road. Four more hours.

HOME! WE MADE IT! And we begin yet another chapter 🙂


We have heard so much about the elk on the property but the few times we have spent at the house we hadn’t seen any. Well today they showed up on the security camera’s!!! This camera is right over dads front door, he better look both ways before stepping out.

Just a bunch of elk hanging out, no big deal- wow!

Turn the brightness all the way up on your phone for this one.

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